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AH AH ah ah stayin’ aThrive, stayin’ aThrive


I know you’ve come to expect tasty recipes every Tuesday, but sometimes we have to take a step back to focus on the most important parts of any recipe… the ingredients!

Over the course of my life in food, I’ve spent countless hours pouring over nutrition labels in the grocery store, just trying to ensure that I wasn’t being bombarded by awful chemicals or hidden sugars, toxic colors… you get the drift. The great wide world of grocery shopping can be kind of exhausting when you’re trying to eat clean.

I can remember a recent instance when I was searching out coconut flour. I grabbed a bag, excited by its $4 price tag, only to see the ingredients listed CARAMEL COLOR! Why!! Why do I want a chemical – extremely unnecessary, at that – in my friggin flour? It seems all the affordable products have really unfavorable additives.

And then it clicked! Thrive Market! I began to reminisce about my days from culinary school, sitting in my apartment figuring out how to stretch my food budget as far out as possible. A friend mentioned Thrive, and how much money she was saving with them. Oh, and also… you’re shopping ONLINE! A few clicks, and a few days later, your food is dropped off right on your doorstep. How easy can it be? But the actual best part? Thrive is known for their wholesome, chemical free, organic products that you can trust. They’ve done the legwork or searching out those labels and they offer the best products at the lowest prices.

And when I tell you that I saved a TON of money, I really mean it. That $4 bag of crap filled coconut flour I thought was a steal? Yeah… I can get a bag of organic, chemical-free coconut flour on Thrive for $2.95!! I’m not even kidding.

Now, I know you’re gonna blow back at me and say “but there’s a membership fee! Wahhhhhh!” And yeah, there is. But it works out to be about $5 per month. In one shopping list, the amount you save on Thrive will double that… just trust me. Oh! And! It’s free shipping over $49, too. I’m the kind of person who hates spending money on ANYthing (unless it’s useless, then I LOVE spending money) and even I can justify this membership cost. It’s like 1/3 Netflix. And Netflix and Chill isn’t the same without some tasty treats alongside. So just do it.

Also! Because you love me and I love you too, Thrive is allowing me to offer you 30 days to shop membership free, PLUS 20% off your first 3!!! purchases! That’s a hell of a deal, and if you don’t take me up on it… I probably won’t do anything about it. Because I lack ambition. But I digress…

From flours to spices to safe cleaning products, Thrive really does have it all. I love the fact that I can point and click and a few days later, all I have to do is unpack a box. It’s significantly better than wrestling an almost 2 year old through 3 grocery stores, searching out the best prices. Now I just have to wrestle the phone away from her long enough to place an order.

Are expensive tastes only tasty because they’re expensive? Either way, the affiliate links you follow on my site help me keep up with the cost of creating more tastes for everyone. That said, I choose my affiliates carefully, truly stand behind the products or services they offer and use them myself. Now back to the kitchen!



  1. Peggy Boheen November 15, 2017 at 8:10 pm - Reply

    You’re a talented comic writer. 😬 thanks for the grins and the good info to boot!
    ❤️ Aunt Peg

  2. Queen B November 15, 2017 at 8:27 pm - Reply

    Thanks you for following 😀

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