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Naan-Tastic! Grand Opening!

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Naan-Tastic! Grand Opening!

I had to take a moment out of your regularly scheduled programming to talk about the COOLEST new restaurant on the block. The super fresh, totally fantastic – Naan-Tastic! It’s a brand new fast casual Indian grill that is host to a plethora of gluten free, vegan, dairy free and Keto friendly options. Their grand opening in Rochester, NY was yesterday and since I’ve been following their story for the last 3 months on various social media, I hightailed it over there to finally get a taste of what I’d been drooling over via Instagram teases for… forever!

Anyone in the know has certainly watched the Chipotles of the world begin circling the drain, between their nonstop food borne illnesses to their almost comical parade of management, which seems to change as often as a 10 day weather forecast. But you can’t deny they did have a great concept. With the launch of Naan-Tastic, I was so excited to once again get my fast friendly Chipotle-style fix, but this time with the flavorful punch of fresh Indian cuisine! From grilled paneer to chat bowls and of course fresh naan, the possibilities are endless. You can roll it, bowl it or even get a naan TACO style. Um?! So, my taco Tuesdays have just officially been revolutionized. Forever.

You know the drill here, pick your style, your base (um, that base can be French fries, by the way, a la Indian style poutine?!) your protein and head on down the line for an impressive array of UNLIMITED toppings. I’m no math wiz, but I’m pretty sure you could spend the next 365 days here and never get the same combination twice! Their lamb is to. die. for. Perfectly seasoned and melt in your mouth tender. I rounded out my bowl with some fresh chopped cucumber, diced bell peppers, and the most flavorful cilantro mint finishing sauce I’ve ever tasted.

The design of this restaurant is so cool, fresh, modern and industrial. Their bathrooms host a sign inviting you to seat yourself. Pretty sure I snorted out loud with laughter upon reading that. Also, their bathrooms are safe for mermaids, per their sign, so I felt even more at home. (Don’t even get me started on their wet floor signs that are totally shaped like tiny banana peels urging you not to slip, too cute!)

And they don’t just stop at the incredible food and awesome aesthetic either. Naan-Tastic is home to some authentic Indian style drinks and desserts, too. Cardamom cookies peaked my immediate interest, but when I noticed their Nutella Pistachio Gulab Jamun, my mouth instantly began to water. Creamy and rich with a little crunch, these poppable delights are the sweet treats that dreams are made of. By this point, I couldn’t fathom stuffing any more into my face, but then I saw it. The mango lassi. I’ve not found this light, fragrant fruity beverage since my culinary school days and I immediately knew had to have it. And just like *literally* every thing else I’d tried, it did not disappoint. On top of all of this, they also have beer and wine!! And not just any beer, they actually have those awesome fill from the bottom beer taps, which really just makes me wanna sit there for hours on end watching the mesmerizing process of my beverage filling from the bottom up, right before my very eyes. Such a cool “extra.”

If you’re sitting here jealous of the fact that Naan-Tastic is only available to us lucky Rochesterians, I can only say I’m sorry, but also… if you ask me, I would NOT be surprised if we see this gem of a concept grow to a national scale in the coming years. My spidey sense is strong on this one.

Fresh, fast, incredibly delicious… there’s no better word for it, it really is Naantastic!

Naan-Tastic is located at 100 Marketplace Drive, Henrietta NY 14623, they are open 7 days a week from 11am to 10pm. Visit for more info!


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