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I’ll be the first to admit that I stumbled my way into keto. After talking to a friend about it, I began researching and finding endless information, although, looking back, I realize now that some of that information was completely off the wall.

Fat is a goal. Fat is a lever. Fat is essential for weight loss. If you have fat to lose you don’t need to be eating any at all. Meet your protein goals but never go over or you’ll put on 90 pounds in a minute! And whatever you do, NEVER EAT A CARROT!!

There were hoards of contradictory information out there. There is actually a group of people floating around who think that the carbs from eating apples made them morbidly obese. Not the Cheeto straws they used to guzzle down cola. But I digress.

Point being, doing a google search can definitely lead you to a wealth of knowledge about carbs, fuel sources, and your bodies response to achieving ketosis, but finding genuine, science-backed information was not an easy path to forge.

I made all of the classic mistakes. Too many calories from fat. Not enough protein. Incorrectly aligning my macros to fitness to meet my goals. I knew what I wanted, but no idea how to actually get there.

Having already gone through every keto fail, I felt like *maybe* I actually had the hang of it.

And then, the day before Christmas, I received my advanced copy of Keto – The Complete Guide to Success on the Keto Diet, Including Simplified Science and No-Cook Meal Plans!! Talk about a Christmas gift. Maria and Craig (If you’ve never heard of them, check out MariaMindBodyHealth.com), I’m truly thankful for this info bomb of a book. I learned more in the first chapter than my month+ researching on my own!

This is it, y’all. It pinpoints every aspect of a well-crafted diet, devoid of crazy gimmicks, all the while explaining the scientific reasons behind those suggestions.

There’s an ENTIRE CHAPTER ON HORMONES!! I dunno about you, but hitting my 30’s and having a baby, those puppies were running wild in my system and I had no idea how to reign them in. I do now! I’ve literally bookmarked and highlighted almost all of Chapter 5. It’s jammed with such awesome information and it’s giving me the confidence to attack my body through food to get back to a place of balance.

Worried about a certain disease or disorder and the effect keto will have on your body? Welp, there’s a whole chapter about that too! From thyroid to cancer to acne, it’s covered from top to bottom, with necessary suggestions or modifications to make this journey the best for your body.

I really didn’t think I had much more to learn after spending most of the year doing the keto diet, having been through nutrition classes and obtaining a degree in the culinary arts!, but reading through ‘Keto’ I quickly realized that there was so much I was missing, and so much more I could do to optimize my own health. I’ve fallen off the keto wagon lately but I’ve found a new spark driving me to get back to it. I know how good I can feel and I think by doing it the right way, I’m gonna see even better results.

Did I mention that Maria was gracious enough to send me a copy of one of her keto cookbooks, too?! I’m usually a hard one to please and it takes a lot to excite me when it comes to new recipes. But, I can say with complete honesty that I cannot wait to cook every single meal in here! Easy Dairy Free Ketogenic Recipes is gonna be on heavy rotation in my kitchen in the very near future.

Keto’ is currently available for pre-order through Amazon and will release on January 9th. If you’re looking to start a way of eating that will change your life for the better, don’t waste any more time. Avoid the mistakes and pitfalls, get a real look into how to optimize your body and jump-start your way to success – ‘Keto’ has everything you need.


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